Collecting Ideas vs. Creating Outcomes

The Collector Fallace: Believing that by collecting information, we somehow absorb it.

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An update of highlights from January:

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  • My sister-in-law randomly forwarded to me Idris Elba shared my visual on his Instagram--I had confirm on his IG to double-check. How cool!

  • Hosted my first Twitter Space with 200 people attending on Sunday with my buddy Michael Boorman (@wisdommadeeasy). Join us if your schedule allows - Sundays 9am CST

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This was the first Twitter thread I wrote the way I envisioned I would write: combining my visuals with writing to provide clear and concise value to readers. 

It was a proof of concept highlighting 3 important takeaways I got from Ship30. Hit me up with a reply to this email if you think I should write more of these.


The Unsuspecting Balloon Metaphor is a classic. The key to doing this one well is to reveal something the audience is not expecting that's a threat to what they want. Bonus points for specificity.Classic Example: Positive Desired Outcome: Ability to FocusNon-obvious Thread: A Single Notification


Collecting Ideas vs. Creating OutcomesThere's a concept called the collector's fallacy:

  • Believing that by collecting information, we somehow absorb it.

  • It gives us a false sense of progress.

There's nothing wrong with reading for pleasure. But if you're reading to learn how to do something, there's no substitute for action. I hesitated putting my work online for years because I didn't know 'exactly' what I wanted to do.

Finally started posting in March '22 and things started happening. Real progress is made only through behavior and action.


"Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary."-Jim Rohn

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